Thought leadership.
Dedicated teams.
Recognized integrity.

The Walter Group is composed of specialized investment units whose team members share the interests and values of the Somers family heading the Group. 

Our units are overseen by teams of seasoned, talented investors who carry a keen business acumen and leading-edge financial expertise. Our approach empowers us to be actively involved in managing and supporting our investments.

What sets us apart: We ensure that the talented entrepreneurs and managers we work with achieve their full potential by offering personalized support that helps them achieve exceptional results.

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The components of our business ecosystem

Somers family investment unit for public and private markets

Investments in the publicly traded equity and fixed income markets, led internally by portfolio managers

Private equity unit supporting the development of high-potential businesses

Specialized private equity unit supporting the growth of asset management firms

Venture capital unit offering a multi-pronged early-stage investment platform

Newly created unit to support initiatives in the food sector including distribution, real estate and restaurants

A strong entrepreneurial journey for nearly 70 years

The foundation for our activities is based on success achieved initially in the industrial sector for almost 70 years through Walter Surface Technologies, a company for which we are still a minority shareholder.

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Our community involvement

We strive to give back to our community by supporting education, health care and environmental initiatives.

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