Walter Capital Partners: A new kind of private equity firm


The Walter Group of Companies is proud to announce the launch of Walter Capital Partners, a private equity firm operating out of Montreal. The Walter Group, through Walter Financial, is allocating an initial $100 million to the newly created firm in order to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Additional capital will be contributed by other sources, including the Managing Partners, who will also invest in the transactions.

“The Walter Group has enjoyed over six decades of success, fuelled notably by the performance of Walter Surface Technologies. This has enabled us to invest in other businesses over the years and be a true partner in their development,” said Pierre Somers, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Walter Group. “In setting up Walter Capital Partners, we saw an opportunity to expand on these achievements and leverage these strengths. Walter Capital will be guided by the same entrepreneurial mindset that permeates the entire Walter Group. Together with our two Managing Partners, Pierre Fitzgibbon and Éric Phaneuf, we will work with the executive teams of the companies in our portfolio to develop their business and create value. In addition, Walter Capital’s office in Boston and our association with the Watermill Group provide us with the right tools to support our portfolio companies looking to expand into the U.S.”

More than just money

Drawing on the entrepreneurial and business leadership expertise of the Walter Group and its Managing Partners, Walter Capital Partners is more than simply a source of capital. The Walter Capital team will be a catalyst for growth that utilizes their know-how, experience and international network to create value and support private companies’ expansion efforts. “Both Éric and I have a solid background in managing businesses, so we have much more insight into the realities facing entrepreneurs,” stated Pierre Fitzgibbon, Managing Partner, Walter Capital Partners. “Our track record is in creating value and executing strategic initiatives in various sectors. Together with the Walter Group’s contribution, this represents a great advantage for our portfolio companies.”

Walter Capital Partners will fill a real corporate finance need by catering to established small and medium-sized companies looking for growth capital and a source of expertise that will support their ongoing expansion. “Our practical management experience and our far-reaching international network equip us to team up with the companies we invest in to drive their performance and explore international opportunities,” said Éric Phaneuf, Managing Partner, Walter Capital Partners.

These private equity investments will embrace a long-term approach and provide time to assist the companies in the portfolio in building solid foundations and helping them secure sustainable success. Unlike many other private equity funds, Walter Capital’s approach will not be based on predetermined investment horizons.

About the Walter Group of Companies

The family-run Walter Group was established in 1952 by Walter J. Somers. The first company in the Group was Walter Surface Technologies, which in the past 60 years has cemented its position as an important provider to the global metal surfaces industry. Currently led by Pierre Somers, the Group also includes Montreal-based investment firm Walter Financial and, now, Walter Capital Partners. Walter Financial prides itself on its long-term investment focus and its portfolio made up of a limited number of strong and growing companies in Canada and around the world.

About Walter Capital Partners

Walter Capital Partners is a private equity firm and part of the Walter Group. Walter Capital invests capital and know-how in established small and medium-sized businesses to help accelerate their growth. Drawing on the entrepreneurial values of the Walter Group and the business leadership expertise of its Managing Partners, Walter Capital offers solutions that are above and beyond purely financial transactions. Headquartered in Montreal, Walter Capital operates an office in Boston and provides a solid international network.